Risk Warning statement

Updated 09.01.2024

The following Risk Warning Statement provides important information about the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets. As a user of Crescendo Capital s.r.o. VASP’s Products and Services, which involve buying, selling, and exchanging digital assets, it is essential to understand and acknowledge the risks involved. The prices of cryptocurrencies and related assets are highly volatile and can fluctuate significantly, often more so than traditional stocks. If you are accustomed to trading in the stock market, it is crucial to be aware of the increased risk associated with trading cryptocurrencies. We strongly recommend that users research and implement effective risk management practices when engaging in crypto trading. If you are uncertain about any aspect of trading, it is advisable to consult a professional financial advisor. This Risk Warning Statement does not cover all possible risks that traders may encounter in the cryptocurrency markets. Users are responsible for conducting their own research on the risks and underlying technologies associated with digital assets to make informed trading decisions while using Crescendo Capital's services.

Crescendo Capital s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as 'Crescendo Capital VASP') does not assume responsibility for any losses or damages incurred while using our Services or any other Product, including losses or damages resulting from buying, selling, or trading digital assets. Users bear full responsibility for their own trading decisions, and it is important to note that Crescendo Capital VASP is not a financial advisor. None of the information, literature, or communications provided by Crescendo Capital VASP should be considered as financial advice.

Listed below are some of the risks involved in trading digital assets:


Digital assets exhibit high volatility and are subject to significant price changes. It is not uncommon for the price of an asset to fluctuate by over 20% in a single day. Transactions made on blockchain networks are typically irreversible and cannot be reversed or cancelled. If users fall victim to fraudulent or erroneous transactions, it may not be possible to recover the lost funds. Blockchain networks can also be vulnerable to attacks by malicious actors, which can impact the price and value of the supported assets. Liquidity in digital asset markets can change suddenly, and trading may be halted for various reasons. Traders may face losses due to system or software failures or disruptions in the market.


The legal and regulatory status of digital assets varies across different countries and jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions consider fundraising events like initial coin offerings (ICOs) to involve the sale of securities. Users participating in such events may be subject to securities laws and regulations. The sale of unlicensed securities may be illegal in certain areas. It is important for users to understand the regulatory environment surrounding digital assets and how it may impact them individually. In accordance with prevailing legal and regulatory frameworks, Crescendo Capital VASP expressly refrains from providing financial advisory services and participating in any international Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).


Users must research and understand how cryptocurrency transactions are taxed in their respective jurisdictions. Cryptocurrencies are often classified as property and subject to capital gains tax in certain countries. However, tax guidelines and definitions related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets may differ across jurisdictions. Users are responsible for complying with tax obligations related to their cryptocurrency activities.


Crescendo Capital VASP works with various third-party entities, including payment providers, digital identification verifiers, financial institutions, regulators, and others. Any losses resulting from actions or conditions related to these third parties are not the responsibility of Crescendo Capital VASP.


This Risk Warning Statement may be subject to changes over time due to legal, regulatory, or operational requirements. Users are advised to review the risk statement periodically to ensure they are aware of the current risks associated with trading digital assets.


For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the information provided in this Risk Warning Statement, please contact us at [email protected]

Please note that this Risk Warning Statement applies specifically to Crescendo Capital VASP, a registered and licensed Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in the Czech Republic under registration number 19388403. Our services are extended to clients based in the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Australia, and other international markets as appropriate, who engage in the exchange of crypto or fiat assets, subject to compliance with the respective legal and regulatory requirements of these jurisdictions.

By using our Services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the risks outlined in this Risk Warning Statement.